Corporate Packages

Annual Packages

Bottom Line counts! We have developed a unique licence package option just for business. Choose any of our online short courses and save money. Our short courses are relevant and based on the latest trends in Business, Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Your staff will benefit from the online training and your business will flourish. Our corporate package is unique as it allows you to use one licence up to three times consecutively over a period of a year. The more you use it, the lower your cost per course delivered. Train more employees for less with one of these three annual packages:

Package A

For 5 online learning licenses
and up to 15 courses per year

R45,000 (R3,000 per course)

Package B

For 10 online learning licenses
and up to 30 courses per year

R81,000 (R2,700 per course)

Package C

For 15 online learning licenses
and up to 45 courses per year

R108,000 (R2,400 per course)

Face-To-Face Training

Meeting your business objectives is essential for your success, our training solutions are relevant and built around industry best practice. We have the content and facilitators available to transform any of our online short courses or modules into a tightly-packed face-to-face learning experience.  Let us tailor a training solution to meet your business schedule and budget requirements.

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Customised Training

Business is complex and one size cannot fit all. We understand that you may require a training solution that is more tailored to your needs. We can do that for you. The IMM Graduate School, through its partner network and Graduate School has access to training content that reaches across all business disciplines, ranging from introductory to expert level. Allow us the opportunity to listen to your needs and let us customise a solution for your business.

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