Communication in Personal Selling

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About this course

We also look at non-verbal communication which includes all forms of communication without words such as facial expressions, eyes, touching, and tone of voice. Salespeople need to be aware of what they may be communicating (non-verbally). A successful salesperson must also be able to communicate through formal written methods and that all written communication must be written according to the regulations of the organisation. Written communications include sales letters, postcards and emails.

Adaptive selling, which is the ability to change your sales behaviour based on the sales situation is an important element of sales communication. There are four adaptive communication styles; emotive, directive, reflective and supportive. Once you understand that the success of your sales efforts can be influenced by verbal and non – verbal communication, it’s imperative that you also understand the many barriers to effective communication. The three golden rules for successful communication which include: being genuinely interested in people, being a good listener and talking in terms of the other person’s interests.

To end off the course, we take you through the sequential steps of the communication model that involve the transferring of a message as well as receiving feedback. The steps of the communication model include: Encoding: translating the idea into a format that can be perceived, Developing the message: can be oral, written, verbal, non-verbal, Selecting the medium: the channel or means of transmitting the message, Transmission of message: actually, transmitting the message, Receiver receiving the message: can be heard, seen, felt etc, Decoding: the receiver’s interpretation of the sender’s message and Feedback: The receiver’s response to the message.




What you will learn:

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Written communication and adaptive selling
  • Social selling
  • Social media and the shorter sales cycle

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Lee-Roy W

This was probably one of the most-informative courses I have ever done. The notes are so detailed and precise, it made studying for my assessments so much easier. GREAT COURSE!!!!

Runitha H

Excellent course. Easy to read and navigate the site. The additional reading was also helpful. Christa is very helpful on the admin side.

Lesego L

I enjoyed this course and I am hoping what I have learned here will help me grow as an individual and help me contribute to me organization. Christa was a great help and motivation, she knew just what to say and it kept me motivated.

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