Delivering the Digital Customer Experience

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About this course

Understanding customers’ behavior in this modern information age is essential for the sales of products of an organisation and also the retention of consumers in the market. Most importantly, organisations face the risk of going out of business when they lose customers.

In the past, managing the digital customer experience for a brand used to be relatively straightforward: businesses simply had a website and an email newsletter alongside offline channels. Today, however it is far more complex with multiple customer-facing touchpoints stretching across paid, earned and owned media.
With the continued emergence of disruptive marketing technologies, companies struggle to keep up, let alone get ahead. Marketers today need to consider how customers will interact with their brands through technology while at the same time focusing on what worked in the past.

Many researchers have shown that customer satisfaction has a positive impact on an organisation’s profitability. As a result, the consequences of delivering quality service to customers must be of great concern to every marketer.
Still at the heart of delivering a great customer experience is the company website. Here, success is measured by the way users feel about the website. Do they feel comfortable? Can they find the information they are looking for? Do they encounter any pitfalls on their way?

The website and how it is designed therefore needs to be taken seriously as it is often linked to the company’s income and objectives. A structured plan needs to be put in place that involves analysing the needs of both the owners and users of a site and then deciding on the best way to build the site to fulfil these needs.

But it doesn’t end there. As part of delivering service quality, it is important for organisations to create effective digital experiences across all touchpoints. A brand’s digital experience can include a desktop or mobile-optimised site, mobile apps, company pages on social media, emails and any other connected devices. For multichannel retailers, the digital experience also includes providing digital devices in-store, including augmented reality.
All these touchpoints need to be designed in such a way that users feel comfortable with them when making decisions. User-centred design draws on a number of disciplines and design methodologies to put the customer at the heart of the design process. It is a very important aspect of the customer experience.




What you will learn:

  • Creating effective digital experiences
  • User -centred design
  • Planning and designing website, app and redesign projects
  • The impact of service quality on e-loyalty

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