High Performance Selling Techniques


Are you the best salesperson you can be? Are you getting the best results from your sales efforts? The solution to any sales problem is to improve your practical skills and the way to do this is through obtaining the best training. Some people have innate abilities that make them good at sales, but the best salespeople have spent years honing their skills. This course leverages best practice and provides you with a sound understanding of practical selling skills using tried and tested methods.

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There is only so much time in a day. Self-management is therefore an important skill, which in a sales context includes setting objectives and using resources successfully. Add to that the setting of goals which provides direction to the salesperson. Critical skills involve the ability to locate individuals and organisations that have the money, authority, and the desire to purchase the company’s products and services. Since people tend to do business with the people they know, another useful skill is that of building a network of people from which to prospect and gain referrals. There are some best practices that you will learn in this course to improve your chances for getting referrals as well as some modern sales techniques such as using LinkedIn to connect directly with and gather information on companies and prospects, as well as develop relationships with decision makers directly.

Once you master your prospecting skills, you will move on to methods you can use to get your prospect to participate in your presentation. Handling objections is one of the biggest challenges that salespeople face. Ironically however, prospects who present objections are the ones that are more easily sold on your product.

By the end of this course you will welcome objections and will be able to answer them to the prospect’s satisfaction. You will also learn how to read a prospect’s buying signals during the selling cycle, how to ensure a lasting customer relationship is formed and actions you can take to win back a customer.

Once you have applied the practical skills you have been armed with; you will no doubt have your eyes on a management position. That’s why in the last module we have included content on how to make your transition from salesperson to sales manager and what you will need to know when you do.