Introduction to Digital Marketing and Technology


The ways in which people use the internet are evolving quickly, with mobile accounting for an ever-increasing share of online activities. By understanding the main types of technology, media channels and platforms available we can easily see the benefits of using digital and mobile technology as part of our marketing strategy. We kick off this module by looking at the relationship between the Internet and marketing and the most common tools we can use to advertise online.

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Digital media is a viable option, but we should not forget about traditional media. As new age marketers, we must create an integrated marketing strategy where online initiatives integrate and synergise with offline initiatives. It’s the responsibility of the marketer to match the right channel to the right customer in order to eliminate waste and improve marketing efficiency.

As part of this course we also review the micro- and market-environments. It’s important to relook these environments in the context of digital marketing because the internet has radically changed the landscape within which company’s operate. In order to understand these environments, we look at customer characteristics, competitors, suppliers and online channels and how we must adapt to these changes if we want to be able to satisfy customer needs better than our competitors can.

A thorough understanding of competitors and suppliers in the industry is also important. Marketers need a supplier network that is reliable and effective in carrying out the activities of the business throughout the supply chain. In the digital marketplace, intermediaries play a critical role. However, due to the development of the Internet, some producers may not want to use intermediaries at all because they might be able to complete the role themselves using the Internet.

On the other hand, entirely new intermediaries between customers and producers have been created. These changing channel structures impact the way goods and services are marketed and distributed online as well as how businesses can generate revenue online. The main types of online revenue models are also discussed in detail in this course.