Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning


Organisations have to establish themselves in the minds of their customers. They must stand out from competitors and should be unique in what they stand for, what they sell and what they do.

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The process of segmentation, targeting and positioning helps marketers to achieve this. By understanding the different market segments and how their needs differ, the marketer can create a marketing strategy that communicates with each chosen market in a meaningful and relevant way, that helps to differentiate them from their competitors.

This course details the segmentation, targeting and positioning process, and explains its importance in developing a successful marketing plan. Market segmentation is the process of dividing the total market for a particular product or service into smaller segments or groups. Segmentation is important as you can’t be everything to everyone and it becomes expensive to focus your marketing efforts on a mass market.

Once the organisation has completed its market segmentation, each segment is evaluated to determine its attractiveness. A selection is then made by the marketer of one or two of the most attractive segments to target. Next, the marketer proceeds with developing a brand positioning strategy for the organisation.

During this step, marketers endeavour to get their product or service to occupy a specific “position” in the mind of the consumer, by attempting to alter consumers’ perceptions about the product or service. When it comes to making a decision about positioning, the marketer needs to ask the following question – “What is the one thing I want people to think when they think of my product or service?”

To end off this course, we identify and discuss the value of the Internet and social media in effectively segmenting, targeting and positioning a product or service. Information that would have previously been expensive and time consuming to gather is now available at the marketer’s fingertips.

It is now up to the marketer to familiarise themselves with useful listening tools in the digital space.