Transport (TBUB)


Transporting goods is simply a matter of moving things from A to B, right? Wrong. Freight transport is a complicated affair that requires careful planning, strategic operations, an efficient supply-chain and on-time delivery. Think of it as the connector in a circuit. If the loop isn’t closed, the product (like an electrical current) won’t reach its intended destination. With this online short course, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the structure and operation of all types of freight transport, including planning and demand, regulation, control and business practices related to the industry. You’ll discover the ins and outs of supply chain operations including its evolution, its role in customer service, optimal business methods and principle activities that drive supply chain operations. And, you’ll unpack the important topic of green logistics in markets that are complex, expanding and increasingly competitive.

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The course will also build on a knowledge base of best business practice, equipping you with practical skills in marketing and product positioning, managing information, reporting and finance. It’s specifically designed for those involved in freight transport across the board including, planners, operators, managers, forwarders, logisticians, supply chain managers, customer service managers and more. With this online short course presented by the IMM Graduate School, you’ll be powered-up with the skills you need to deliver… Every time.